Ground Beef

Creston grown, quality raised, quality fed, quality finished beef

Extra lean ground beef, from our pasture to your grill...

Ground beef– Lean and Extra Lean available in 1-lb packs-$4.95/lb


All of our steaks are guaranteed AAA or better

Filet Mignon-approximately 4 oz steaks, 2 per pack ( approx. 1/2lb packs)-$19.99lb
Ribeye-10-12 oz steaks ( 1 steak per pack ) $17.99lb
New York Strip Loin-approximately-6-8oz steaks (1steak per pack) $15.99lb
Top Sirloin-approximately-10-12oz steaks (1steak per pack) $10.95lb
Flat Iron-similar to Tenderloin, this steak is larger, very tender and packed full of flavour $13.00lb
Flank Steak$8.25lb 
Blade Steak-a larger steak and incredibly flavourful-$7.75lb 
Marinating Steak-cut from the inside round-$6.75lb


All roasts are approximately 4lbs but can be made larger or smaller at your requests

Tenderloin-inquire for avalability and pricing
Prime Rib$17.99lb |Strip Loin$15.99lb| Top Sirloin$10.90lb
Cross Rib$7.75lb | Rump$7.25lb| Blade-$6.95lb
Sirloin Tip$6.95lb | Inside Round$6.75lb
1/4’s and 1/2’s available year round-Enquire for pricing

Specialty Cuts

Try them… You’ll like ’em!

Briskett– approx. 4 lbs-$7.00lb
Short Ribs$6.50lb

All Beef Sausage

All Beef sausages available in Dinner, Garlic, Bratwurst, Italian & Gluten Free

6-large sausages per pack$7.75lb

Breakfast Sausage

Beef and (Pork) for added flavour. Gluten free available


9- sausages per pack-$7.75lb

Beef Jerky

100% Beef-No fillers or preservatives addedPeppered Teriyaki,Cracked Pepper,Garlic, Hickory & Sweet n Spicy

1/4lb packs-$8.75lb

Breakfast Sausage

Beef and (Pork) for added flavour. Gluten Free available

9-sausages per pack$7.75lb

Hamburger Patties

1/4 lb and deliciously seasoned

5 pack$9.75lb or 10 pack-$19.50


All beef smokies. Packed with great flavour and spices.  Cheese, Bavarian, Jalapeno/Cheddar, Cheese.

4 per pack$9.75

Fajita Strips

Pre-Cut and ready for your creation.  

Approx. 1lb packs$5.75lb
Packages can be made to suit your individual needs
We also have 1/8’s, 1/4’s and 1/2’s available for purchase. Please inquire for pricing and availability

Gift certificates available in all quantities

Kabob Cubes

Pre-cut and ready for skewers

approx. 1.5-lb packs-$5.75lb

Stewing Beef

Pre-cut and ready for skewers

approx. 1.5-lb packs-$5.75lb
Have we missed something on our price list that you would like to have? Let us know!
Prices are subject to change